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A ferry is a means of transportation that carries passengers and vehicles across the sea. In Greece, ferries are the most basic means of transportation because they connect mainland with the hundreds of islands.

Ferry tickets can be purchased in-person from our office in Rafina Port or online from our website.

Ferry tickets may be purchased at the last minute, in-person from our office, but during high- season, some ferries sell out, so it is required to reserve your tickets in advance (especially if you bring a vehicle).

Ferry rides vary in duration, depending to the destination. For instance, from Rafina Port, Andros takes 2 hours, Tinos 4 hours and Mykonos 4 hours and 30minutes. While from Piraeus Port, Crete takes 9 hours and East Aegean Islands from 12 to18 hours.

Ferries from Patra Port or Igoumenitsa to Bari, Ancona and Brindisi in Italy take from 16 to 21 hours

There is not an average price of a ferry ticket. Depends on whether you are traveling short or long-distance and the seat type you choose.

Some ferries do not require you to print out a ticket to board. You can have a web “check-in” some hours before you get on board, similar to how you would do at the airport. However, other ferries do require you to provide a printed ticket. When you book your tickets you will be informed whether or not a printed ticket is necessary.

If circumstances arise in which you need to change or cancel your trip, your best bet is to call us directly. Some companies under special circumstances can warrant you a refund. Alternatively, most of them make your tickets open-day and you are able to reschedule your trip for a different time at no additional charge or for a small fee.

Some ferries provide discounted fares for Children, Students, Army, Families with three or more children, Disabled people, etc. Other ferry companies just have a static ticket price for all ferry tickets no matter the age or status of the passenger. We recommend before you purchase your tickets to contact us to see if you may be eligible for a discount.

In general, ferries tend to allow more luggage than a bus, train or plane as they typically have more cargo space. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Specific policies vary from ferry to ferry. We recommend arriving at least one hour prior to your ferry’s departure. This will provide you with ample time to get on board and find a comfortable seat. Boarding a ferry in general can take a long time, especially when passenger vehicles are being transported.

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